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Tourist Accommodation Inspection Report CURRENT SCORE
Accommodation Name: Usman Corporation DBA Knights Inn Last Score 78
Address: 461 South Main ST 81
City: Statesboro   Permit#: TAP-016-000001 Date
Inspection Date: 12/14/2022   Time In: 11:00AM    Time Out: 12:05PM 04/05/2022
Purpose of Inspection: Permitting/Preoperational Routine Re-Inspection Requested Complaint Code: 0   1   6
Areas of Critical Public Health Risks
(Mark designated compliance status (IN, OUT, NO or NA) for each numbered item. For items marked OUT, mark POC if required and/or R for each item as applicable.)
IN=in compliance  OUT=not in compliance  NO=not observed  NA=not applicable  POC=Plan of correction/use restrictions  R=Repeat violation of the same code provision
  Compliance Status POC R  
IN OUT NA NO       Points
1 Adequate, approved, permitted, protected potable water supply; no cross connection or back siphonage 5
2 Employee health; no sign of communicable diseases 5
3 Hot/cold running water under pressure in all required locations of tourist accommodation 5
4 Central and guestroom toilet, lavatory, and bathing facilities provided; accessible and available to patrons 5
5 Sewers/sewage disposal systems/dump stations approved; properly constructed and installed; no surface discharge 5
6 Premises free of pests and rodents; pesticide applied in accordance with laws, rules, and label 5
7 Gas water heaters not installed in bathrooms, bedrooms or closets connected 5
8 Annual gas fired equipment inspection on file; gas units equipped with automatic safety and/or 100% cut-off pilot 5
9 Food offered in compliance with tourist accommodation permit or food service permit; appropriate bed and breakfast or continental breakfast operations and menu; proper food temperatures; handwashing and no bare hand contact 5
Facility Operations, Maintenance, and Services
(Mark designated compliance status (OUT or NA) for each numbered item. For items marked OUT, mark COS (corrected onsite) or R (repeat) for each item as applicable.)
  Compliance Status COS R  
AREA   OUT NA   Points
FRONT DESK & EMPLOYEES 10 Permit and inspection report current and properly displayed; PIC assigned 2
11 Personal hygiene practiced; evidence of frequent hand washing and personal cleanliness 3
WATER SUPPLY & SANITIZING 12 Hoses for filling water tanks/cleaning dump station pads properly stored and handled; no other use 1
13 Water glasses and multi-use utensils; washed, rinsed, and sanitized in an approved manner: 3 compartment sink, commercial dishwasher, approved guestroom kitchenette dishwasher or single service items provided 4
14 Single service items placed in guestrooms or dwelling units commercially pre-wrapped 1
15 Ice from approved source; properly handled, supplied and stored; equipment approved/clean 1
TOILET FACILITIES 16 Toilet/lavatory/bathing facility fixtures and rooms clean and maintained; properly lighted, clearly marked, proper signage, and all in good repair 2
17 Proper ventilation; no sign of mold, mildew, odors or moisture 2
18 Toilet tissue and soap provided; soap individually wrapped or properly dispensed 2
19 Anti-slip tubs/showers, slip strips, mats or appliqué products provided and in good condition 1
SEWERS & SEWAGE 20 Sewers and drains maintained, connections capped 1
21 Watertight sewer connections with trailer outlets; properly sized 1
GARBAGE 22 Approved leak proof containers covered, in proper location, clean, and maintained; collection adequate 2
INSECT AND RODENT CONTROL 23 Documentation and records available for inspection 2
24 Openings to outside and physical facilities protected by tight-fitting doors, screening, or other means 2
CONSTRUCTION LAYOUT FURNISHINGS 25 Floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors clean, and in good repair; appropriate for location and operation 2
26 Ventilation provided and lighting adequate; guestroom kitchenettes/cooking facilities approved 2
27 All furniture, waste receptacles, draperies, carpets; clean, and in good repair, considered the property of and furnished by the tourist accommodation 4
28 Beds, mattresses, mattress pads, springs, frames, pillows, and bed coverings clean; vermin free and in good condition; bed linen properly supplied, changed and laundered 4
29 All sleeping quarters, laundry areas, and food areas properly separated 2
POOL/SPA 30 Complies with all applicable regulations, permitted, approved operation 1
31 Barrier adequate, gate locked, and installed properly; warning sign posted, procedures and log maintained 2
LAUNDRY 32 Separate, structurally sound, clean, and in good repair: dryers vented and adequate lighting 1
33 Housekeeping carts and storage areas maintained; clean/sanitized items protected from contamination 1
GROUNDS 34 Grounds, walkways, porches and hallways maintained; drives provide unobstructed width and proper spacing; graded to drain; trailer spaces marked clearly, areas clean and maintained in good repair 3
35 Electrical work and materials in compliance; grounded and weatherproof outlets, properly located power lines 1
FOOD SERVICE OPTIONS 36 Food in sound condition; protected, properly prepared, stored, and handled; approved dispensers; item storage 6 inches off floor, physical facilities maintained and clean 2
37 Single service articles properly stored and no re-use; multi-use utensils protected; food contact surfaces smooth easily cleanable 2
38 No pets, guests and/or unauthorized personnel in kitchen/food prep area; employees smoking/eating in unapproved location 1
Person in Charge (Signature) (Print) Aneela T.  Date: 12/14/2022
EH Specialist (Signature) Re-inspection:     YES      NO  Date: 12/14/2022
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Tourist Accommodation Inspection Report Addendum
Violation cited in this report must be corrected within the time frames specified below, or as stated in the Georgia Department of Public Health Rules and Regulations Tourist Accommodations Chapter 511-6-2
 Establishment  Permit #  Date
Usman Corporation DBA Knights Inn TAP-016-000001 12/14/2022
 Address  City/State  Zipcode
461 South Main ST Statesboro 30458
Observed rooms 105, 119, 210, and 212. Hot water in before mentioned rooms exceeded 120F.
1 Violation of Code: [511-6-2-.07(2)] OUT - Observed hot water in guest rooms exceeding 120F in rooms 105, 119, and 212. CA: Hot water in all guest rooms shall not exceed 120F. New Violation.
8 Violation of Code: [511-6-2-.15(5)] OUT - Observed no current gas fired equipment inspection on file upon request. CA: Upon request, the operator shall provide evidence of inspection and/or correction of any deficiency. New Violation.
17 Violation of Code: [511-6-2-.08(5)] OUT - Observed black build up in bathroom in rooms119 and 212. Observed bathroom fan not functioning in rooms 210 and 212. CA: Proper ventilation; no sign of mold, mildew, odors or moisture New Violation.
27 Violation of Code: [511-6-2-.14(5)] OUT - Observed damaged couch in room 105. Observed food debris in dressers in rooms 105 and 119. Observed damaged curtains in all observed rooms. CA: All furniture, draperies, appliances, carpets, and other accessories, in the tourist accommodation, whether the property of the tourist accommodation owner or not, shall be considered the property of and furnished by the tourist accommodation for purposes of enforcement of this Chapter, and must be maintained in good repair, clean, and free of vermin. Repeat Violation.
28 Violation of Code: [511-6-2-.14(6)] OUT - Observed cigarette holes, stained linens in rooms 105, 119, and 210. CA: ashable mattress pads or covers shall be used on all mattresses. Beds, mattresses, springs, slats, mattress pads, mattress and bed coverings, pillow and pillow covers shall be clean and free from vermin. Each bed shall be provided, as a minimum, with two sheets and one pillow and pillowcase. After each occupancy and upon the request of the occupant, sheets and pillowcases shall be changed with fresh laundered linens. During occupancy, linens shall be changed at a minimum frequency of not less than weekly. Repeat Violation.
25 Violation of Code: [511-6-2-.14(1)] OUT - Observed damages wall in room 212 exposing metal frame. Observed damaged wall in room 119. CA: Floors, walls, ceilings. windows, doors and all other appurtenances shall be of sound construction, properly maintained in good repair and shall be kept clean. In all new constructed and extensively remodeled residential kitchens used in bed and breakfast inns, coved base molding may be required. Walls and ceilings in residential kitchens shall be easily cleanable and light colored. Repeat Violation.
Person in Charge (Signature) (Print) Aneela T.  Date: 12/14/2022
EH Specialist (Signature) Re-inspection:     YES      NO  Date: 12/14/2022